Suspicious ads

Aug 28, 2018 @ 13:16internet

I totally understand when a free of charge service shows an advertisement on their clients resources (I'm currently talking about websites), but there has to be some limit, right?

There's a free website builder widely known in Russia which is called uCoz, and for quite some time I'm getting a bit worried every time I'm going to enter one of their clients website... It started as my antivirus going mad every other time I entered such a website, but at least it worked and successfully blocked the viruses (along with the website, but that's a low price), but now when I open their website, it simultaneously opens a new tab in my browser with some ads and apparently a mining farm (!) because my system unit starts making noises like the ones it does when I play some high quality video game. All of my Chrome extensions (Ghostery, adblock and so on) and my antivirus can't seem to manage with this problem, besides sometimes this new tab is collapsed and placed somewhere on the screen in such a place that you cannot see it for a long time, and meantime it keeps mining and mining and mining...

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